PhD Supervisor

Mr Disi Chen (2017,10 -, First Supervisor):  Motion Sensing and Analysis for Human-Robot Collaboration

Miss Kate Hartley (2016.10-, First Supervisor): Affordance Estimation for Robot Manipulation

Mr Uche Ogenyi (2016.6 -, First Supervisor): Human-Robot Collaboration with Deep Learning Techniques

Mr Dongxu Gao (2015.1 -, First Supervisor): Hand-Object Interaction Analysis in Dexterous Manipulation

Mr Charles Phiri (2015.9 -, First Supervisor): Goad-directed Humanoid Robot Motion Learning

Mr Haibin Cai (2014.9 -, Co-Supervisor)

Mr Dalin Zhou (2014.9 -, Co-Supervisor)

Dr Yinfeng Fang (2012.9-2015.9,  Co-Supervisor)

Dr Nalinda Hettiarachchi (2011.9-2015.9,  Co-Supervisor)

Personal Tutor and Project Supervisor

Mr Bin Jiang (2016-2017, MSc project):

Mr Matthew Bushell (2015, final year project)

Mr Oluwagbemiga Kolade (2015, final year project)

Mr Roshni Adatia (2014-2015, final year project): Gamma Integrated Systems Tool

Mr Alexander Thompson (2014-2015, final year project): XBox 360 Arcade Game Demo

Ms Yusra Al, Hasni (2014-2015, MSc project): The implementation of ERP in public sector in Oman

Current Teaching

1. Introduction to Programming, Level 4 (Leading Math Part, Lecturer)

2. Computing for Robotics, Level 5 (Unit Coordinator, Lecturer)

3. Computer Vision, Level 6 (Lecturer)

Previous Teaching

1. Computer Operating Systems And Intermediate Networking, Level 5 (Lecturer)

2. Advanced Programming Concepts, Level 6 (Lecturer)

3. Tools for Games and Animation,  Level 4 (2012-2014, Unit Coordinator)

4. Mathematical Elements for Games and Animation, Level 5 (2012-2014, Unit Lecturer)

5. AI Programming for Games, Level 6 (Guest Lecturer)