IAHFAR2018, 6th September, Newcastle

Invited Speaker

Dr. Sankha Subhra Mukherjee

Dr. Sankha S. Mukherjee received his Ph.D. from Heriot-Watt University, UK as a James-Watt scholar. He, along with Prof. Neil Robertson and Mr. Elyon Etshtein, founded AnyVision Research in the UK in 2016. Serving as the Head of Research at AnyVision, he has built up the world leading AI team for real world security and surveillance. His research interests include machine learning including deep learning, meta learning, multimodal fusion, and computer vision.

Title of Talk - Human Centric Computer Vision in the Real World

Abstract - Understanding humans in unconstrained environments is one of the cornerstones of computer vision. The key pillars of it include detecting, recognising, and tracking people in a scene. This talk presents the foundational approaches to detection, recognition and tracking of faces and full body. Solutions to these key problems open up a plethora of rich analytics that not only helps us understand humans, but the scenes themselves. A few such applications are presented and shown to work in the wild, i.e. the real world.

The keynote talk will be from 13:45-14:30 plus about 10 mins Q&As. The workshop will be from 13:45-17:45 on 6th September.